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Thinking, how much to invest?

Use the NPS Calculator

Pension Calculator helps a NPS Subscriber calculate the tentative Pension and Lump sum amount that s/he may expect on maturity or on attaining 60 years of age. The said amount is calculated based on regular monthly contributions, percentage of corpus reinvested for purchasing annuity/pension and assumed rates in respect of returns on investment and annuity opted for.

  • A) All calculations and illustrations are indicative in nature and based on an assumed rate of return. Hence, the figures do not indicate or assure an actual amount/figure.​

Current Age


Amount I’d like to contribute monthly

Expected Return on Investment


Corpus I’d like to set aside for Annuity/Pension


Expected Rate of Annuity/Pension


You would have accumulated by the time of you retirement for your total investment of over the period of

On retirement you will receive annuity amount of & lumpsum amount of . Your monthly pension post retirement will be of

total investment

Total Investment

market value

Market Value

total tax save coin

Total Tax Savings

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Open NPS Account Online

What is NPS & Benefits of NPS

The National Pension Scheme or NPS is a government-sponsored pension plan open to all Indian citizens. The main aim of the NPS Scheme is to provide social security to all Indian citizens and encourage savings. A unique Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) is allotted to every subscriber in NPA. An individual invests in the NPS at regular intervals throughout their working period. After retirement, a fixed amount of the corpus fund can be withdrawn, and the remaining amount will be paid to them monthly as pension remuneration.

The benefits of the NPS Scheme are:

  • The NPS scheme is regulated by the Central Government PFRDA or Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority.
  • It is a voluntary scheme designed for the financial security of working-class citizens.
  • The subscriber has the flexibility to choose or change the investment pattern, fund manager and the Point of Presence (POP).
  • The National Pension System is a low-cost investment instrument.
  • NPS account is portable, and the PRAN will remain the same irrespective of the change in location or employment.
  • NPS account holders can transfer their Superannuation funds to their NPS Account without any tax liability.
  • There are tax benefits under Section 80 C and 80 CCD for this NPS scheme.
NPS Eligibility Criteria

The general eligibility criteria for joining NPS are as follows:

  • The applicant must be between 18 and 70 years at the time of application.
  • The applicant must comply with the NPS norms.
  • The applicant must not have a pre-existing NPS account.

The specific eligibility criteria for the specific sectors are as follows:

  • All Citizen Model
  • Applicants must be between 18 and 60 years of age on the application submission date.
  • Applicant must comply with all the KYC norms prescribed in the Subscriber Registration Form.

For specific circulars:

  • Central Government

All Central Government employees who joined after 1-1-2004

  • Central Government Autonomous Bodies (CABs)

All employees of Central Government Autonomous Bodies who joined after January 1, 2004 (except for armed forces)

  • State Government

Any individual employed under a particular State Government. To know the states that implement NPS, click here.

  • State Government Autonomous Bodies (SABs)

Any individual who is employed under a SAB that implements NPS. To know the states that implement NPS, click here.

  • Corporate Model

To know more about the entities eligible for NPS under the corporate model, click here.

NPS Account Type

Tier I NPS Account - It is mandatory to open a Tier I NPS account if you wish to enroll for NPS. Withdrawal from this account is restricted. You can open a Tier I account with a balance as low as INR 500/- and to keep the account active, you must deposit a minimum of INR 1000 a year.

Tier II NPS Account - This account is optional and can be opened either at the time of Tier I account opening or later. Tier II NPS account needs a minimum balance of INR 1000/- and there is no requirement of a minimum deposit to keep the Tier II account active.

Fees and Charges
Service charges
Method of Deduction
1. PRA Opening charges: INR 40/-
2. Annual PRA Maintenance cost per account: INR 95/-
3. Charge per transaction: INR 3.75/-
Through cancellation of units at the end of each quarter
POP(Maximum Permissible Charge for each subscriber)
1. Initial subscriber registration: INR 200/-
2. Initial contribution upload: 0.25% of the initial contribution amount from subscribers subject to a minimum of INR 20 and a maximum of INR 25,000/-
3. Any other transaction not involving a contribution from a subscriber: INR 20/-
4. Contribution through eNPS: 0.10% of contribution (Min. INR 10 & Max. INR 10,000)
To be collected upfront
Trustee Bank
Not Applicable: Nil
Custodian (On asset value in custody)
Asset Servicing charges: 0.0032% p.a for Electronic segment & Physical segment
Through NAV deduction
PF charges
Investment Management Fee: within the prescribed upper ceiling of 0.01% p.a.
Through NAV deduction
NPS Trust
Reimbursement of Expenses: Nil
NPS Calculator and Application, Payment & Withdrawal Process

To apply for the online NPS scheme, you need to log in to internet banking and choose NPS in the ‘Service Requests’ section. Once your details are verified and authenticated with an Aadhaar card, an SR is generated, and the NPS account is activated. Then, the PRAN is sent to your mobile number.

You need to log in to internet banking to contribute to the NPS account. Once confirmed, you will receive an SMS and email alert. The withdrawal process from an NPS account can also be done online. The amount can be withdrawn:

  • When the applicant becomes 60 years old.
  • At any time before the applicant attains 60.
  • After the death of the subscriber.

An NPS calculator is a tool that an individual can use to estimate the amount of pension and the total lump sum amount they will be receiving after retirement at 60 years of age. This calculator helps the investors to plan their post-retirement finances.

Select the PFM
Select Scheme


Scheme NAV
(Start Date)

Scheme NAV
(End Date)

CAGR since inception


Check Latest NPS NAV

In the chart

Know the Performance of the Selected Fund

Net Asset Value or NAV is the price of one unit of a fund scheme. It is calculated by adding up the value of all the securities and cash in the fund's portfolio (assets) subtracting the fund's liabilities, and dividing the whole by no. of units issued under that fund.

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