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The subscriber should make an initial contribution of atleast Rs.500/- for Tier I account and Rs.1000/- for Tier II account.
1. Subscribers can make their contributions to Tier I or Tier II accounts, by depositing the contribution amount with their associated POP-SP, along with a NCIS (NPS Contribution Instruction Slip), giving details of PRAN. They may contact their POP-SP regarding the mode of payment (Cheque/Net banking etc.)
2. They may also transfer the contribution online using the eNPS link- https://enps.kfintech.com/
A subscriber is required to make atleast one contribution to his Tier I account in each financial year and a minimum total contribution of Rs.1000/- per financial year. Minimum amount per contribution is Rs. 500/-. Minimum contribution of 250/- per transaction is required for Tier II account for all subscribers.
The subscriber’s account would be “frozen”, i.e., further transactions will not be allowed in his/her Permanent Retirement Account. If Tier I account is frozen, Tier II account also automatically stands frozen.
Units will be allotted only after funds are reconciled by bank. Generally, it takes 2-3 working days by which Trustee Bank reconciles the funds and provides the confirmation.
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