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Units will be allotted only after funds are reconciled by bank. Generally, it takes 2-3 working days by which Trustee Bank reconciles the funds and provides the confirmation.
The Nodal Office can remit the subscribers' contributions to their respective Permanent Retirement Accounts as soon as PRAN is allotted to the subscriber.
• Nodal Office is required to upload the Subscriber Contribution File (SCF) in KCRA system by logging into website https://cra.kfintech.com using its User ID and I-PIN.
• After SCF is successfully uploaded in KCRA system, status of the SCF will be shown as ‘Verified’. Nodal Office would be required to transfer funds (matching to the amount uploaded) to the Trustee Bank.
• Once the Trustee Bank provides the fund confirmation in KCRA system, status of the file will be changed to ‘Reconciled.
The POP/POP-SP will:
1. Receive contribution from subscribers and provide acknowledgement to them.
2. POP will upload PRAN wise details of contribution (SCF) into the CRA System
3. Remit the contribution funds into the Trustee Bank Account
The Nodal Office user who will upload the details (Subscribers' Contribution File) should log into the CRA system and upload the SCF in the standard template. The system will perform certain validations and highlight the rejected records, if any. The same have to be corrected in the SCF and the SCF should be uploaded again.
On successful upload, a "Transaction ID" is generated and the "Cumulative Amount" is highlighted. Kindly refer to the SOP relating to Contribution & Settlement, for detailed instructions. On successful upload, the concerned Nodal office can proceed to remit the funds to the Trustee Bank.
All Nodal offices have to mandatorily remit NPS contributions through electronic mode (NEFT/RTGS) only.
The Trustee Bank will receive the funds pertaining to subscribers' contributions from the concerned Nodal office(s) and confirm the same by uploading "Funds Receipt Confirmation (FRC)" in the CRA system.
Once Nodal office successfully uploads the SCF in CRA system, status of the SCF is shown as ‘Verified’. Once Trustee Bank uploads the FRC,
1. The CRA system automatically performs a reconciliation of the SCFs uploaded by the Nodal offices and the FRCs uploaded by the TB on the basis of Entity Registration number, Transaction ID and amount. If all the above detail matches, status will be updated as "Reconciled".
2. The transaction will expire automatically if it is not verified i.e., reconciled, even after 12 Working Days.
The Nodal Office and the TB have to identify the reasons for mismatch, for records that are not in “Verified Status”. On identifying the error, either the Nodal office has to upload a correction file or the Trustee Bank should re-upload the FRC with correct records.
The Nodal office can upload Correction files any number of times, as long as the transaction is not in "Reconciled" status in the CRA system.
Some of the common reasons for mismatch between the 'Amount' in the SCF and in the FRC are:
1. Nodal Office might have missed some records in the Subscriber Contribution File but would have transferred the money for the same to the Trustee Bank.
2. Nodal Office may have transferred excess funds to the Trustee Bank.
3. Nodal Office may report excess amount in the SCF compared to the FRC, due to inclusion of erroneous records in the SCF.
4. Nodal Office might have transferred short amount to the Trustee Bank.
5. Error in Entity ID/Amount/Transaction ID in the FRC uploaded by Trustee Bank.
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