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The details of subscribers are maintained in the CRA system with the PRAN being used to identify all transactions related to a subscriber. The following types of changes may be made by the subscribers:

Commercial Transactions changes – i.e., changes which have a financial implication impact on the subscriber's accumulated pension wealth. These include:

  • Changes in PFM/Scheme/Investment Option/ Asset allocation
  • One Way Switch
  • Inter Sector Change Request
  • Non-Commercial Transactions changes – i.e., Changes in personal details etc. These include:

  • POP/POP-SP Change
  • Nominee Add/Change/Remove
  • Name, Address, Email and Phone no/Bank Account
  • Change in Signature/Photo
  • PRAN Reprint Request
  • IPIN/TPIN Reset request
  • Duplicate SOA Request
  • For the detailed process, kindly refer the Change Request SOP

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