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Errors might occur during the contribution upload by Nodal Offices or in acknowledgement of funds receipt by Trustee Bank. The purpose of Error Rectification Module is to enable rectification of these errors by the Nodal Offices or Trustee Bank directly in the CRA system, so that settlement process is carried on correctly.

'Nodal Office', in this context, would mean - PAO (Central Government), DTO (State Government) or POP-SP, depending on the NPS model/sector.

The following are the general instructions for the Error Rectification process.

  • Physical requests will not be entertained from the Pr.AOs/PAOs (or equivalent offices). The uploading office has to put a request in the CRA system.
  • Error Rectification will be an activity with Maker--Authorizer concept. The uploading office has to put a request in the CRA system. There will be "maker-" concept at the uploading office level. The request would be authorized by the overseeing office (Pr.AO/DTA/POP or the equivalent office) before it is accepted at CRA for processing.
  • As the whole process requires shifting of transactions/units/redemption from subscriber account, a complete audit trail will be kept in the system.
  • For the detailed Process, kindly refer the ERM SOP

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