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1. The contributions for Tier I account, are deducted from the salary and paid into the subscriber’s account by the employer, along with the employer’s contribution.
2. Subscribers can make their contributions to Tier II account, by depositing the contribution amount with their associated POP-SP, along with a NCIS (NPS Contribution Instruction Slip), giving details of PRAN etc. They may contact their POP-SP regarding the mode of payment (Cheque /Net banking etc.)
3. They may also transfer the contribution for Tier II account or any additional contribution to Tier I account - online, using the e NPS link- https://enps.kfintech.com.
In Tier I, the contribution is fixed at 10% of Salary (Basic+DA), along with contribution from the employer. Minimum contribution of Rs. 250 is required for Tier II account, for all subscribers.
The contributions received for a subscriber are invested in the Pension Funds selected by him/her.
Active Choice: In case the subscriber chooses “Active choice” investment option and indicates the percentage mix of investment across different categories – (E, C, G & A), the contributions are invested in the same ratio/percentage. However, due to changes in NAV for each category, the value of pension wealth may not be in the same percentage. Therefore, at the end of every year, the asset allocation percentages are calculated on the pension wealth as on date and units are purchased/redeemed in each category, so that the selected percentage share is maintained.
Auto Choice: Rebalancing is also done for “Auto Choice” Investment Option, to comply with the changes in asset allocation percentages applicable to the subscriber, with the change in his/her age every year.
Below are the applicable fees and charges levied on NPS Subscribers
Intermediary Charge head Service Charges
KFintech CRA PRA Opening charges Rs 39.36
Annual PRA Maintenance cost per account PRs 57.63
Charge per transaction Rs 3.36
Custodian Asset Servicing charges 0.0032% p.a for Electronic segment & Physical segment
PF charges Investment Management Fee 0.01% p.a.
NPST Reimbursement of Expenses 0.005% p.a
CRA’s charges would include the charges levied by the CRA for opening PR account, annual maintenance of the account, processing contribution, change requests, withdrawal requests, sending Statement of Account and other requests like re-print of PRAN etc.
CRA charges are borne separately by the employer.
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