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All employees of Central Government (excluding Armed Forces) and Central Autonomous bodies who have joined service after 1.1.2004 are mandatorily covered under NPS. Employees of State Governments that have joined the NPS and implemented NPS mandatorily through a gazette notification, for their employees who have joined after a cut-off date, are covered under NPS.
The Subscriber should submit a duly filled application in form CSRF 1, to his nodal office, i.e., DDO. The forms can be obtained from the website https://nps.kfintech.com/ or can be collected from the subscriber’s DDO.
The subscriber may contact the associated nodal office (DDO/PAO/DTO) who has submitted the form to the CRA, to enquire about the status of his application. Email and SMS alert would be sent to the subscriber, both on generation of PRAN and on dispatch of PRAN kit.
TAfter the registration form is submitted by a subscriber, it is forwarded to the CRA, by the associated Nodal Offices (DDO/PAO/DTO). The registration and PRAN generation and dispatch of PRAN kit is done within 10 days from the date of receipt of the application at the CRA.
After successful registration, the PRAN kit (consisting of PRAN Card, Subscriber’s Personal details and NPS Brochure) will be dispatched to the Nodal offices (PAO/DTO and DDOs) for onward distribution to subscribers.
PRAN i.e., Permanent Retirement Account Number is a unique registration number allotted to each subscriber in the CRA system. This number will remain with the subscriber as long as he is in the NPS system and will not change even if he shifts to another sector due to transfer or change of jobs etc. All transactions relating to a subscriber are identified using PRAN.
Yes, the application may be rejected, if the form is not filled up completely or properly or if the KYC documents are not acceptable. Rejection can happen either at the associated Nodal Office or at the CRA. Intimation of rejection is given to the associated Nodal Office and Subscriber.
A subscriber can apply for Tier II account, while applying for Tier I account, by indicating this in the application form CSRF 1, and by providing required bank details etc.if so chosen. A subscriber who has already been allotted a PRAN for Tier I account, can also later apply for Tier II account, by submitting Form S10 (downloadable from the CRA website https://nps.kfintech.com/ ) to his associated Nodal office.
No, the same PRAN applies to both Tier I & Tier II accounts.
Subscribers can call at CRA's toll free number 1800 208 1516 and access the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or speak to the customer service executive using the T-PIN (Telephonic Personal Identification Number). The subscribers can use the I-PIN to log into the CRA website https://enps.kfintech.com/ to check the status of any request or make further online transactions, change requests etc.
The PRAN Card contains information on the PRAN, Subscribers name, father's name, photograph and signature/thumb impression. The Subscriber’s Personal details show all the information as provided by the subscriber in his / her application and accordingly captured in CRA system. A Subscriber can ensure that the data provided by him during registration is updated correctly in his records, by looking at the Subscriber Personal details.
A subscriber already having a Tier I account with the CRA can register online for Tier II account, from the online portal https://enps.kfintech.com
Subscribers in the Government sector do not need to make any initial contribution for Tier I account.
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