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“Grievances or complaint” includes any communication that expresses dissatisfaction, in respect of the conduct or any act of omission or commission or deficiency of service on the part of an intermediary under NPS. Grievance is different from enquiry as enquiry is any communication from a subscriber/entity for the primary purpose of requesting information about the National Pension System.

CRA has developed a Central Grievance Management System (CGMS) in which grievances by multiple stakeholders will be logged at the CRA. A Central Grievance Management System is required to gather, resolve and record various types of grievances raised by different entities/stakeholders of the CRA system. In order to raise any grievance, an entity needs to be registered and be in an ‘active’ state in the CRA system. CGMS aims to provide a timely and seamless framework for handling grievances to protect the interests of the stakeholders of the National Pension System and for ensuring effective resolution of grievances.

For the detailed Process, kindly refer the Central grievance management system SOP

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