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The Corporate (employer) should first be registered with the CRA, in the NPS system. Thereafter, the individuals (employees) can route their application to join NPS, through their employer.
Corporate should be registered under NPS for enrolling the employees under NPS. Nodal Office has to submit CHO Form to the concerned POP for registering under NPS.
For registering the subscribers, subscriber should submit a duly filled application in form CSRF 1, along with KYC documents, bank account details to his nodal office, i.e., to his employer (CHO/CBO). The forms can be obtained from the website https://nps.kfintech.com/
• The employer (CHO/CBO) will collect the Subscriber Registration forms, verify and forward the same to their associated POP.
• After verification of the documents, the POP will forward the applications to the CRA.
• The CRA would verify the forms, digitize the same and generate a Permanent Retirement Account for the subscriber. After successful registration, the PRAN kit (consisting of PRAN Card, , Subscriber’s Personal details and NPS Brochure) will be dispatched to subscriber at his registered address, or to the employer’s registered address, as indicated by the CBO/CHO (employer).
PRAN i.e., Permanent Retirement Account Number is a unique registration number allotted to each subscriber in the CRA system. This number will remain with the subscriber as long as he is in the NPS system and will not change even if he shifts to another sector due to transfer or change of jobs etc. All transactions relating to a subscriber are identified using PRAN.
Yes, the application may be rejected, if the form is not filled up completely or properly or if the KYC documents are not acceptable. Rejection can happen either at the associated Nodal Office or at the CRA. In case of rejection at CRA level, intimation of rejection is given to the associated Nodal Office and subscriber.
Yes, the subscriber can enroll for NPS, independent of his/her contribution to any Provident Fund.
Yes;, the Contributions made by the NRI would be subject to RBI/FEMA guidelines.
The functions of the Nodal Office the registration of subscribers are:
1. The Nodal Office (CHO/CBO) should be registered with the CRA, before it can accept registration forms from subscribers.
2. Providing assistance and guidelines in filling up of forms, for all subscribers.
3. Verifying the forms and ensuring that the forms are filled as per the guidelines.
4. Verification of KYC documents (proof of identity/address/date of birth/ bank account) with originals
5. Consolidation of applications from subscribers and forwarding them to the CRA Branch, with a covering letter, in lots.
6. Providing assistance to the subscriber, if he/she wishes to know the status of his/her application and intimating the subscriber about rejection, if the form is rejected.
7. The Nodal office should remit the initial contribution received, into the subscriber's PRAN account, on receipt of intimation of registration.
The Nodal Office can check the status of his application in the CRA website https://cra.kfintech.com using the 17-digit POP Reference number given by the POP-SP.
After the registration form is submitted by a subscriber, it is forwarded to the CRA by the associated Nodal Offices (POP/POP-SP). The registration, PRAN generation and dispatch of PRAN kit is done within 10 days from the date of receipt of the application at the CRA.
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