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A subscriber can make a request for changes or corrections in his PRAN details by submitting Form S2 to his/her POP/POP-SP. Alternatively, subscriber can also perform the below changes by logging into our website https://enps.kfintech.com/
1. Request for Change in Scheme Preference
2. Update Address (using Aadhaar number)
3. Update email ID/mobile number
In addition, the subscriber can also reset his/her I-PIN.
A Subscriber can make a request for:
- Changes in PFM/Scheme
- Changes in Investment Option (“Auto”/ “Active”)
- One-way switch (i.e., transfer of funds from Tier II to Tier I account)
- Changes in personal details (address/phone number/signature/photograph etc.), bank details, nomination details etc.
- Change in Sector (Government/All Citizen/Corporate)
The forms can be downloaded from the CRA website https://nps.kfintech.com/ or can be obtained from the DDO/ DTO /PAO office.
Sr No. Change Type Form No. To be Submitted to
1 Change in PFM/Scheme (only for Tier II) Form (AC)S3 (to be submitted along with a copy of the PRAN) The POP/POP-SP with which the Tier II account of the subscriber is registered
2 Change in Investment Option (only for Tier II)
3 Change in Asset allocation % (only for Tier II)
4 One Way switch request
5 Change of POP (only for Tier II) Form (AC)S5 To the Target POP/POP-SP
6 Change of POP-SP (only for Tier II) Form (AC)S5 To the Target POP/POP-SP
7 Change in personal or nomination details or request for Reprint of PRAN card From S2 To the associated DDO/DTO/PAO
8 Change in Photograph and /or Signature Form S7 To the associated DDO/DTO/PAO
• The Nodal Office (i.e., CHO/CBO) will receive the change request application and provide an acknowledgement to the subscriber.
• CHO will forward the form to the concerned POP.
• POP will verify and make the changes in the CRA system, using their login.
If the form is rejected for any reason, the POP/POP-SP will provide reason for rejection and will also provide guidelines to submit a correct application.
A subscriber can change the PFM/scheme preferences/asset allocation percentages - twice in a year. Please refer PFRDA Circular dated March 1, 2017 in this regard. Same can be downloaded from our website https://nps.kfintech.com.
The Corporate should submit an application in the prescribed form (form CHO 2) to the CRA.
The subscriber should ensure the following:
• Only one PFM should be selected
• Subscriber can choose Scheme Preference Change between Auto & Active.
• If subscriber is selecting type ‘Active’ then,
  • he/she has to mandatorily give percentage of asset allocation.
  • Percentage contribution value for all the schemes must be integers. Fractional values will not be accepted.
  • The sum of percentage of asset allocation shall be equal to 100% with maximum weightage allowed to ‘E’ (Equity) being 50% and maximum weightage for   'A' category being 5%.
• In case of ‘Auto Choice’, the percentage of asset allocation need not be filled by the subscriber.
• In case both the investment option and the asset allocation are left blank, the subscriber’s funds will be invested as per Auto Choice.
Subscriber should not have changed PFM, Scheme and Investment option within current financial year.
Subscribers having both Tier I and Tier II accounts have an option to switch funds from Tier II to Tier I account. Switching of funds from Tier II to Tier I is called “One-Way Switch”.
Subscriber has to submit an application in Form S13, along with a copy of the PRAN card, to the CHO/CBO with which he/she is registered. The subscriber should be having an active Tier-I &Tier-II account for which the request is being raised.
The amount invested under Tier I after the execution of the switch request may be different from the requested amount to the extent of difference in NAV of two different days.
The Corporate should submit an application in the prescribed form (form CHO 3) to the CRA.
On successful change of POP/POP-SP, the subscriber should direct further requests to the target CHO/CBO.
For change in personal, bank or nomination details or request for Reprint of PRAN card, the subscriber has to submit S2 Form to the associated CHO/CBO.
The subscriber should provide valid proof of address - photocopies with Originals (originals to be returned by the CHO/CBO after verification) and other documents as given in the “List of documents” in Form S2.
The CHO/CBO should perform the following checks before incorporating the changes in the CRA system:
- PRAN provided by the Subscriber is valid (Active).
- PRAN (Subscriber) is associated with the CHO/CBO.
- All relevant fields including PRAN are filled by the applicant. In case of any incomplete information, the form shall be rejected. Request form is duly signed by the Subscriber
- POP-SP shall collect photocopy of the appropriate supporting documents after verification with the original.
- The documents collected as proof of identity and address should be valid at the time of acceptance e.g. Passport expiring in Marc 2016 should not accepted as proof of identity/address for a change request to be accepted in April 2016. Further, periodic documents such as bank statement/electricity bill etc. should not be more than six months old on the date of receipt of request.
- Nomination Change:
   a. In case request for change in nomination details, the percentage distribution among nominee(s) should be a whole number only, and sum total of the       distributions shall be equal 100%. PFRDA has not prescribed any additional documents in support of nomination other than the details provided in the       application form. In case the percentage of distribution is not equal to 100%, the change request shall be rejected.
   b. The nominee mentioned should be different from the Subscriber.
   c. In case of minor nominee, Subscriber has to provide the date of birth of minor nominee and complete details of the Guardian.

- POP-SP shall verify the signature of the Subscriber on the change request form with the signature currently present in the system.
- Name/Father’s name/Date of birth: Appropriate supporting documents like copy of PAN card, voter ID etc. as per the list provided in change request form (Form-S2), plus copy of PRAN card.
- In case of changes in Subscriber’s bank details: As a matter of good practice, appropriate supporting documents can be collected i.e., copy of bank statement, copy of bank pass book etc. along with a copy of PRAN card.
Phone/mobile number/email ID: No document is required to be collected.
If there is any pending request which have been captured in the CRA system for a Subscriber, Nodal office (CHO/CBO) will not be allowed to update any changes
Subscriber can visit KCRA website https://enps.kfintech.com to generate the I-PIN. Alternatively, subscriber can call KCRA Toll Free Number 1800 208 1516.
The subscriber should submit Form S2 to his/her associated Nodal Office. This request will be raised by the POP/POP-SP in the CRA system. CRA will print and dispatch the PRAN card to subscriber’s correspondence address. Alternatively, subscriber can make a request online, using his I-PIN.This is a chargeable service.
The subscriber should submit Form S7 to the associated Nodal Office .Nodal Office will submit the physical request to CRA Branch for updation of photograph and signature.
After verification of request by POP-SP, Acknowledgment slip is to be handed over to subscriber. POP/POP-SP is required to submit to CRA Branch for further processing.
The Subscriber has to submit Form ISS along with a copy of the PRAN Card to the new CHO/CBO for shifting. Nodal Office will capture the Inter sector shifting request in CRA system.
The Subscriber can make the following changes online, from the CRA website, using his I-PIN:
1. Change in Scheme Preference
2. Update Address (using Aadhaar number)
3. Update email ID/mobile number
4. View Account details or request for Statement of Account.
In addition, the subscriber may also raise a request for resetting IPIN.
The changes will be updated once the Nodal office updates the changes in the CRA system. When the change is incorporated in the CRA system, an email/SMS intimation will be sent to the subscriber.
A Statement of Transaction is a record of all transactions relating to the subscriber including contributions received, investments, NAV, CRA charges, unit balances etc. The subscriber can view his/her account statement at any time, by logging into the CRA website, using his I-PIN
The subscriber may request for a duplicate SOT in any of the following ways:
1. The subscriber can also login into the CRA website https://enps.kfintech.com using his/her I-PIN and view/print his/her statement, at any time.
2. The subscriber may approach his/her associated POP-SP/CHO and make a request for the SOT. The POP/CHO can download the same and provide the same to the subscriber.
3. The subscriber may call the Toll Free Number 1800 208 1516 of KFintech CRA customer care and make such request through IVR. Subscriber account statement will be sent to him by email.
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