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National Pension System - Standard Operating Procedures


eNPS is an online platform provided by NPS Trust for enabling individuals to open his/her Individual Pension Account under NPS (Tier-I & Tier-II) and also facilitate the new or existing subscribers to make initial or subsequent contributions respectively to their Individual Pension Account under NPS using net-banking and debit/credit cards. eNPS does not facilitate enrolment of individuals under Atal Pension Yojana / NPS Lite.


An individual having net-banking facilities enabled with his/her bankers can open his/her Individual Pension Account under NPS by choosing any one of the following options:

For the detailed Process, kindly refer the eNPS SOP.icon

By providing Aadhaar details


By providing PAN details and KYC details as recorded with the Bank in which he/she maintains his/her bank account and that Bank is empaneled in eNPS.

Change Request

The details of subscribers are maintained in the CRA system with the PRAN being used to identify all transactions related to a subscriber. The following types of changes may be made by the subscribers:

Commercial Transactions changes – i.e., changes which have a financial implication impact on the subscriber's accumulated pension wealth. These include:

For the detailed process, kindly refer the Change Request SOPicon

Changes in PFM/Scheme/Investment Option/ Asset allocation


One Way Switch


Inter Sector Change Request

Non-Commercial Transactions changes – i.e., Changes in personal details etc. These include:




Nominee Add/Change/Remove


Name, Address, Email and Phone no/Bank Account


Change in Signature/Photo


PRAN Reprint Request


IPIN/TPIN Reset request


Duplicate SOA Request

Subscriber contribution upload

On collection of contributions from Subscribers, the Nodal Office (POP/PAO/DTO/DTA/Aggregator/CHO/CBO) will upload the Subscriber Contribution File (SCF) into the CRA System in a pre-defined format. Once the file is successfully uploaded in CRA system, the CRA system will generate a Transaction ID for each file. After successful completion of this upload, each entity should perform funds transfer to the Trustee bank.

Grievance Redressal

“Grievances or complaint” includes any communication that expresses dissatisfaction, in respect of the conduct or any act of omission or commission or deficiency of service on the part of an intermediary under NPS. Grievance is different from enquiry as enquiry is any communication from a subscriber/entity for the primary purpose of requesting information about the National Pension System.


CRA has developed a Central Grievance Management System (CGMS) in which grievances by multiple stakeholders will be logged at the CRA. A Central Grievance Management System is required to gather, resolve and record various types of grievances raised by different entities/stakeholders of the CRA system. In order to raise any grievance, an entity needs to be registered and be in an ‘active’ state in the CRA system. CGMS aims to provide a timely and seamless framework for handling grievances to protect the interests of the stakeholders of the National Pension System and for ensuring effective resolution of grievances.

For the detailed process, kindly refer the Grievance Redressal SOPicon

Exit/Withdrawal from the NPS system can be of the following types:

For detailed process refer SOP- Withdrawals.pdf icon For detailed process refer SOP-Annuity Purchase.pdf icon

Upon Normal Superannuation – At least 40% of the accumulated pension wealth of the Subscriber has to be utilized for purchase of annuity providing for monthly pension of the Subscriber and the balance (Maximum 60 %) is paid as lump sum to the subscriber.


Upon Death – The entire accumulated pension wealth (100%) would be paid to the nominees/legal heir(s) of the Subscriber and there would not be any purchase of annuity/monthly pension.


Exit from NPS Before the age of Normal Superannuation – At least 80% of the accumulated pension wealth of the Subscriber should be utilized for purchase of an annuity providing the monthly pension of the Subscriber and the balance (maximum 20%) is paid as a lump sum to the Subscriber.

Tier II account – Subscribers can withdraw their accumulated wealth in Tier II account at any point of time. If a Subscriber has a Tier II account, Withdrawal for tier II will automatically happen if Tier 1 Exit request (except partial Withdrawal) has been received. Both accounts will be settled separately and as per instructions available in the account (in case there are different Nominees / bank accounts) Partial Withdrawal – This is allowed under special circumstances. For the detailed process, kindly refer the Withdrawal SOP

Error rectification

Errors might occur during the contribution upload by Nodal Offices or in acknowledgement of funds receipt by Trustee Bank. The purpose of Error Rectification Module is to enable rectification of these errors by the Nodal Offices or Trustee Bank directly in the CRA system, so that settlement process is carried on correctly.


'Nodal Office', in this context, would mean - PAO (Central Government), DTO (State Government) or POP-SP, depending on the NPS model/sector.

The following are the general instructions for the Error Rectification process.

For the detailed Process, kindly refer the SOP- Error Rectification Module_V2 03.pdf icon

Physical requests will not be entertained from the Pr.AOs/PAOs (or equivalent offices). The uploading office has to put a request in the CRA system.


Error Rectification will be an activity with Maker--Authorizer concept. The uploading office has to put a request in the CRA system. There will be "maker-" concept at the uploading office level. The request would be authorized by the overseeing office (Pr.AO/DTA/POP or the equivalent office) before it is accepted at CRA for processing.


As the whole process requires shifting of transactions/units/redemption from subscriber account, a complete audit trail will be kept in the system.

Account Maintenance

At the end of every financial year,if the minimum contribution criteria are not met under Permanent Retirement Account of a subscriber then the account is frozen.

The details of maintaining minimum contributions are given below:

For the detailed process, kindly refer the Account maintenance SOPicon

Under Tier I Account


Subscriber is required to make at least one contribution transaction in a financial year.


Minimum amount per contribution is Rs.500/-. This requirement does not apply to Government/Corporate subscribers.


A minimum contribution of Rs.1000/- should be maintained under Tier I account in each financial year.

Under Tier II Account


There is no minimum contribution requirement for Tier II account.


If a Tier I for a PRAN is frozen, the Tier II account is also kept in “Freeze” status even if it meets the required criteria.

User Maintenance

User Management entities registration process is helpful for creating the USER IDs through login CRA system.

For the detailed Process, kindly refer the User Management SOP.icon
All you need to know about NPS SOPs
What is NPS SOP all about?

National Pension System Trust (established for disbursal of the National Pension Scheme) is a regulatory and development autonomous body. It comes under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance of the Government of India. Moreover, this National Pension System controls and regulates the PPF and EPF.

The processes of registration and disbursal of funds for NPS are done online through the eNPS. Moreover, the online NPS website is controlled by aggregators who sift and process registered data while adhering to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

These SOPs are provided by the Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA), which has laid out the NPS SOP in a step-by-step manner that is easy to understand and follow. Aggregators in service of the NPS-Lite or Swavalamban subscribers in India have to follow these SOPs.

What are the different types of NPS SOP available?

eNPS SOP – This SOP is specifically for those people who are applying through the NPS scheme website. In this case, subscribers need to follow a prescribed procedure to register themselves electronically through any device, be it a smartphone or a computer to have their NPS account open online.

Change Request SOP – This SOP is related to the change of account details in case there are certain modifications in the details of an NPS account. This can be either a change in address or bank details or other subsequent changes after the initial National Subscriber Registration.

Subscriber Contribution Upload SOP – SCF of the NPS SOP contains the contribution details, both own and co-contribution. These details are mandatory to determine the total amount and how it has been submitted.

Grievance Redressal SOP – If a subscriber faces any problems related to the NPS registration, then there is also a standard operating procedure present for grievance redressal. A subscriber can get their issues resolved by highlighting the same to the respective NPS officers.

Withdrawal SOP – This NPS SOP comes into action when subscribers intend to withdraw their pension amount after the termination of their services. Calculations are made based on the contributions by an employee, an employer, or the respective authority under which a subscriber fall. Then a final financial statement is prepared based on these calculations.

Error rectification SOP – There are times when errors can occur during the processing of documents or calculation of the contribution. To rectify any such mistakes and take the necessary steps to resolve them as soon as possible this eNPS SOP has been set up.

Account Maintenance SOP – This particular SOP deals with the maintenance of financial records or respective contributors. Additionally, every record is constantly updated as per the changes to a subscriber’s account.

User Maintenance SOP – Apart from the account maintenance, any other SOP of the National Pension Scheme falls under this category. Account-holders can utilise this SOP to update any account detail that he/she wants using this.

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